CubeV2 is game made by Topi-Veikko Tuusa.
The game is very challenging reaction / speedgame. CubeV2 is fully about speed and your reaction time and this game has ramping up difficulty so game gets harder my everysecond! First version of this game was made just in few hours but new thigs are still being added and bugs fixed.


Coding by: Topi-Veikko Tuusa

CubeV2's game area is your full monitor! So the bigger monitor you have the bigget the game area will get. Future of this game is that there will be some graphics enhancements and maby even bosses :)
Currently this game is just in early alpha and not in active development but new things will be added tiem to time.




First version of CubeV2 (alpha v0.1)

This is the first published version of CubeV2! yey!


Download CubeV2 (alpha v0.1)